It is a very frequent occurrence that, in addition to strong geopathic stresses caused by water veins for example, strong electromagnetic stresses in the form of electric and magnetic fields occur. 

The electrosmog Rayonator is an excellent product for supporting the Duplex which is adjusted especially to combat geopathic stresses in the field of electrosmog.

In analogy to the human organism, whereby an organ is not only controlled on one frequency, there are several resonance points on electric and magnetic alternating fields. The frequency analysis of an electric and a magnetic field via bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt results in six frequency basic values:
22.5;40.0;77.5; 78.5; 89.5 and 99.5.

Therefore electrosmog Rayonator and HF-Rayonator have inside of it dipole antenna systems which are coordinated precisely to match the aforementioned frequency basic values. If you then connect the Duplex with the electrosmog Rayonator or HF-Rayonator, the six frequencies as well as those of the geopathic stresses are emitted into the room via the electrosmog Rayonator. Simply place the Rayonator next to the base of the Duplex. Connect the Rayonator to the Duplex using the cable contained in the delivery. Insert one end of the white cable into the Rayonator and the other end into one of the connections on the Duplex base.

The electrosmog Rayonator or HF-Rayonator connected to the Duplex is very frequently used when it needs to combat both a geopathic and an electrosmog stress.

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Esmog Rayonator